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Hair loss is not an easy thing to deal with. The experience can be quite difficult, whether you’re a man or a woman. One of the hardest issues to deal with as a woman experiencing hair loss is the impact it has on your self-esteem. The effects on your self-esteem are far-reaching and can creep into every aspect of your life. Let’s take a look now at how hair loss destroys self-esteem as well as an effective treatment solution.

Hair Loss Causes An Identity Crisis

For many women, hair is a major defining characteristic of their identity. Your hair is part of your image and says a lot about you. It can be both a source of pride and in the case of hair loss a sense of insecurity. Your hair is an important part of self-expression and most people spend a lot of time and money on their mane. When you start losing your hair it can feel like you’re losing a part of yourself. Ultimately this can trigger a loss of confidence and leave you feeling self-conscious and unattractive. When these feelings creep in, it’s important to remember that you are not defined by your hair. You’re still the same person and you can still reach your goals in life and be successful, even with hair loss. Don’t allow hair loss to stand in your way. 

Leads to Social Withdrawal

Many people are embarrassed about their hair loss and try desperately to hide it, especially in the early stages. When your hair doesn’t style the same anymore no matter how much styling gel or hairspray you use and your self-esteem begins to dwindle you might even begin to avoid socializing with others. As hair loss progresses it becomes more difficult to hide, leading to more social withdrawal, isolation, and depression.

May Trigger Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The fear of losing even more hair or becoming completely bald can cause anxiety and panic attacks can become a problem for some with hair loss. You may feel like you’re no longer attractive which leads to diminished self-worth and lack of confidence causing self-esteem to plummet even further.

Makes You Feel Older Than You Are

Not only does hair loss make you feel less attractive, it can also make you feel older than you are. You may feel like you are losing control of your life which adds to your sense of insecurity.

So How To Regaining Your Self-Esteem:

If only the top loss hair, we recommend Wearing Topper (hair pieces) to cover the top.

If a wide range of hair loss, we recommend Wearing the wigs. like Lace top wigs or Regular wigs.

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