1.Can the OLOKEYWIGS be side parted?
Yes, the OLOKEYWIGS can be a center part or off-center left or right. If you want a deep side part you can shift the wig to the side, as there are no earpieces or nape.
2.Can the OLOKEYWIGS be worn with a Bang or Fringe?
Yes, the OLOKEYWIGS looks great with a Bang or Fringe.
3.Does the OLOKEYWIGS have a French or Silk Top?
No, the OLOKEYWIGS has a specilly designed lace feature that is both extremely natural and more durable than standard lace top wigs.
4.How long does the OLOKEYWIGS last?
The OLOKEYWIGS can last up to two years with proper care. It is more delicate than a traditional French or Skin Top wig and may require more frequent maintenance.
5.How is the OLOKEYWIGS different than all the other lace wigs I see?
Most lace wigs have not interior cap construction and need to be glued in place to stay on. When a wig is glued on there is more wear and tear to the wig and they don't last very long. The OLOKEYWIGS cap construction allows it to be worn without the use of glue. By removing the need for glue the OLOKEYWIGS has all the advantages of looking extremely natural but also will last much longer than a traditional lace wig.
6.Does the OLOKEYWIGS need to be glued down?
No, the OLOKEYWIGS is designed to be a glueless wig. The OLOKEYWIGS does sometimes need minor adjustments to be made to fit every forehead shape. These adjustment are free of charge.